Sample Ballots

Use our Voter Lookup Database to view the sample ballot(s) showing the races and candidates applicable to your voting precinct. After searching your name, scroll to the bottom of the screen to select your sample ballot.

If you print sample ballots for anything other than personal use, please note the provisions of Election Code Section 52.008 that require sample ballots to be printed on yellow paper.

May 7, 2016
City/School Elections

City of Bastrop

Smithville ISD-City of Smithville
Smithville ISD

City of Elgin Ward 3

May 24, 2016
Primary Runoff Elections

Poll 1_Democratic Party
Poll 2_Democratic Party
Poll 3_Democratic Party
Poll 4_Democratic Party
Poll 5_Democratic Party
Poll 6_Democratic Party
Poll 7_Democratic Party
Poll 8_Democratic Party
Poll 9_Democratic Party
Poll 10_Democratic Party

Poll 1_Republican Party
Poll 2_Republican Party
Poll 3_Republican Party
Poll 4_Republican Party
Poll 5_Republican Party
Poll 6_Republican Party

Poll 7_Republican Party
Poll 8_Republican Party
Poll 9_Republican Party
Poll 10_Republican Party